lundi 18 avril 2011

A l'eau

Here is a serie I've started ages ago about public Parisian swimming pools.
I went to draw there, spent a lot of time staring and spying people. Next time I'll try to add the comments for each picture to my post. Some were quite awkward.

5 commentaires:

  1. Thanks a lot Johanna! I love your last travel pictures.

  2. My favorite swimming pool drawing is the one on the brown paper. I love the wild and vibrant colors. Also I love how minimalistic and simple it is. Very beautiful.

  3. cant imagine how it is to draw in a swimming area..but i think its very very nice!

  4. Many thanks Shelley and Sandra!
    You're right about the brown paper drawing, sometimes, sketches we do in emergency are the best ones.
    Wasn't nice everyday to draw in public swimming pools, some people got mad at me, they were not happy with what they looked like on the sketchbook... the harder was the heat! But it was still good fun to meet so many different people